5 + 2 year Extended Warranty


All Somfy motors and controls come with a standard 5 year warranty. This is a manufacturer's warranty and covers product faults for a period of 5 years from the date of installation.

Somfy Electrical Services offers an additional 2 year extended warranty for all Somfy products that are electrically connected by Somfy Electrical Services. This 2 year extended warranty commences 5 years after the date of electrical connection. For the Somfy motor or control to be covered under this extended warranty it must fall within the range of motors and controls stocked by Somfy Pty Limited at the time of electrical connection by Somfy Electrical Services.

This extended warranty covers any product faults in the same manner as the Somfy manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is a ‘back to base' warranty and does not include coverage of any additional installation costs that may be incurred as part of any warranty claim.


How does the 5+2 Extended Warranty work?

On completion of the installation your Somfy Electrical Services electrician will give you a folder which details the 5+2 Extended Warranty and its terms and conditions. You need to keep the invoice from your retailer for the Somfy motorised end product and if applicable the invoice from Somfy Electrical Services safe in this folder.

Should you have any problem with your Somfy motorised end product during the 5+2 Warranty period simply contact Somfy to discuss the next steps.


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