Glydea Sales and Distribution

Somfy Pty Limited has a partnership arrangement across Australia and New Zealand for the assembly and distribution of the made to measure GlydeaTM Curtain Track System. For any sales enquiries please contact your Somfy Regional Sales Manager or the Glydea Assembler convenient to you. A listing of partners can be found here.

Glydea, Somfy Quality

Tested for 15 years of operation. 

5 years international warranty.

International certifications.


Glydea Broadens Your Horizons

GlydeaTM curtain motorisation solutions meet the requirements of the most prestigious projects. Motorised curtains are becoming the standard requirement for high end homes, luxury apartments and top of the range projects such as high quality hotels, meeting and conference venues. GlydeaTM is quiet, discreet, flexibile and robust, offering personalised solutions to serve your imagination and broaden your horizons.


Download 2019 Curtain Databook

Glydea, your guarantee of added value in a demanding market

With GlydeaTM motorisation solutions, make your venue stand out in terms of image, 

usage and functionality.

  • GlydeaTM "Touch Motion" - perfect for every situation 
  • Maximise energy efficiency by integrating Somfy sensors and controls for a fully automated solution
  • GlydeaTM extends the lifespan of your curtains, avoiding the damage caused by cords and manual operation
  • GlydeaTM provides the level of comfort and reliability expected in luxury locations
  • GlydeaTM improves the image of a venue and makes the job of service personnel easier

Glydea, the difference is in the detail

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The sophistication of GlydeaTM is reflected in the simple forms and sleek lines of the motor.


  • Somfy Innovation: Patented cover and sleek design hides the cabling and protects the connectors and the control modules inside the motor.
  • Reduced light gap thanks to the rail design and the swivel ceiling bracket.
  • Adjustable limits, to allow the curtain to fall perfectly.



  • Large offer of hardware: Components to adapt to different types of curtains.
  • Somfy Innovation: Plug in modules for a large range of control systems.



  • Low noise level of the Motorised track (<44 dB(A)), thanks to the motor design and the use of a timing belt.
  • Soft start and soft stop.



  • Touch Motion feature, to open and close the curtain simply by pulling on the fabric.
  • "My" function, to automatically move the curtain to a preferred position.
  • Adjustable speed: 12.5cm/s to 20cm/s.


Robust Design

  • Somfy Innovation: Lyrease mechanical system which automatically disengages the motor drive shaft for manual operation preserving the fabric.
  • Setting buttons and cabling not accessible to the end user.
  • No maintenance necessary after installation.

Glydea, Everywhere Flexibility is the Rule

The flexibility of GlydeaTM gives all the solutions to answer the most demanding projects.


  • A large range of solutions, with:
    • one rail
    • four types of motors
    • various control modules.
  • The offers can be personalised thanks to a large range of options.


  • Rail up to 12m long. 
  • Bending radius up to 30cm.
  • Customised curving and bending facilities available.
  • Curtain weight up to 60kg - 100kg with tandem motors.
  • Large range of accessories to adapt to different types of curtains.


Large offer for all curtain types and shapes



Large choice of control systems

Standard compatibilities

  • Dry contact or AC switching relays
  • AC switches and control systems
  • Double or triple push button switches

GlydeaTM can be equipped with plug in modules to interface with additional control technologies. 

RTS Receiver, compatibility with all the Somfy RTS controls.



Easy installation

  • From plug and play to more advanced solutions
  • The motor can also be hidden in false ceilings (requires top mount kit)
  • Motor position (left or right) can be changed on site            
  • Automatic or adjustable limit setting
  • One touch or swivel ceiling bracket
  • Integrated 24V power supply



Technical Specifications

Features Overview

* With 4AC Moco

Motorised track main characteristics

(1) Sound pressure level according to Somfy measurement standard.

(2) At 15cm/s.

Motor dimensions

Rail & Motor and Bracket Types & Dimensions

Rail and Motor: GlydeaTM

Lateral opening (one way) equipped with heavy duty master carrier

Central opening (two way) equipped with heavy duty master carrier


Rail and Motor for 'Ripple' Curtain

Brackets Types and Dimensions

One Touch Ceiling Bracket

Swivel Ceiling Bracket

Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket

Double Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket

DISCLAIMER: Diagrams are examples only. Multiple configuration options are available. Please contact your Glydea partner for exact configurations for your project.

Glydea Motor Range and Hardware

GlydeaTM Motor Range



GlydeaTM 35e DCT: Dry contact with RTS receiver, 3 wire 1.5M cable

GlydeaTM 35e WT: AC switch control, 4 wire 1.5M cable

GlydeaTM 60e DCT: Dry contact with RTS receiver, 3 wire 1.5M cable

GlydeaTM 60e WT: AC switch control, 4 wire 1.5M cable


GlydeaTM Bracket Range

Swivel ceiling bracket

  • To minimise the light gap (max 2mm)
  • Swivel lock arm
  • 2.5 bracket per metre
  • Steel zinc plated

One touch ceiling bracket

  • For an easy installation
  • Two step clip process
  • 2.5 bracket per metre
  • Steel, white colour

Adjustable wall bracket

  • Used with swivel or onr touch ceiling bracket
  • Adjustable length
  • 2.5 bracket per metre
  • Steel, white colour

Double adjustable wall bracket

  • Used with swivel or one touch ceiling bracket
  • Adjustable length
  • 2.5 bracket per metre
  • Steel, white colour


Motor Selection

Motor load capacity according to track opening, shape, length

  • In the charts below we give the maximum weight of the curtain in kg, which can be motorised by the different GlydeaTM versions according to the different track configurations, and the length of the track.
  • When calculating the weight of the curtain the fullness ratio of the curtain has to be taken into account:

Weight of the curtain = fabric weight/m2 x Curtain covered area x fullness ratio

  • The traversing capacity is given for an installation with no extra friction created by the fabric curtain touching the rail or the track pelmet.

  • Maximum weight per runner: 1.5kg.
  • Maximum distance between runners: 10cm.

Track bending and curving minimum radius

For bending and curving track length and radius limitation please refer to the specific data sheet.


Traversing capacity for 'Classic' and 'Ripplefold' curtain

Maximum load per runner: 1.5kg. / Maximum distance between runners: 100mm.

Glydea Control Options


Individual control with RTS transmitter and/or wall switch

(GlydeaTM DCT motor + RTS receiver)


Group and Individual control with RTS transmitter

(GlydeaTM DCT motors + RTS receiver)



RTS Receiver Glydea

  • Plug-in RTS receiver
  • Compatible with GlydeaTM 35e DCT/WT and GlydeaTM 60e DCT/WT


Situo 1 RTS

One channel RTS transmitter: Pure, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold


Situo 2 RTS

Two channel RTS transmitter: Pure, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold


Situo 5 RTS

Five channel RTS transmitter: Pure, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold



Smoove O/C RTS

Wireless wall-mounted RTS transmitter for horizontal applications


Telis 6 Chronis

Six channel RTS timer: Pure, Silver


ThermoSunis Indoor WireFreeTM RTS

Indoor battery powered RTS sun sensor



GlydeaTM WT Motor Wired Control

Individual or group control with AC switch

Inis uno

Individual control maintained switch


Centralis uno IB

Individual AC control with master busline connection


Centralis IB

Dry contact switch for busline control


Chronis IB

Timer for master busline control


4AC Motor Controller

Individual control via local dry contact switches and master control by Animeo


RTS Card for 4AC Motor Controller

Allows radio control when using a 5AC Motor Controller