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FREE Somfy myLink Promo - Terms & Conditions

Somfy myLink™ Automation Promotion

During October, November and December 2017 Somfy will be running a promotion with retailers of Somfy motorised products to increase sales of Somfy's RTS Motors.

The Promotion is open to Somfy Expert retailers of Somfy Motors located in Australia and New Zealand (Retailers).

The Promotion commences at 12:01am (AEST) on 1 October 2017 and runs until 12:00 pm (AEST) on 22 December 2017, or earlier once 500 units of the Somfy myLink Adapter (Somfy myLink) have been supplied by Somfy pursuant to this Promotion (Promotion Period).              

Somfy agrees to supply one (1) Somfy myLink directly to the Retailer's Customer (Customer) at no charge, for every purchase by that Customer, invoiced by the Retailer during the Promotion Period, of four (4) or more Somfy RTS Motors (Qualifying Purchase).

Somfy also agrees to assist Retailers in promoting home automation using Somfy RTS Motors and Somfy myLink by making available to the Retailer marketing tools in relation to the Somfy products covered by this Promotion.

Somfy will also supply one (1) Apple iPad at no charge, to the top five (5) Retailers who have the most customers register their entitlement at the Promotion Website.

Terms and Conditions:

A Qualifying Purchase may comprise any combination of four (4) or more motors from the RTS range of motors.

Each Qualifying Purchase must be by a unique Customer of the Retailer. Only one Somfy myLink will be supplied to the Customer in respect of each Qualifying Purchase. Only one Qualifying Purchase per Customer is permitted.

Subject to the limited availability of the product (500 units) and the Retailer's and Customer's satisfaction of the Promotion requirements, there is no limit to the number of Somfy myLink which may be supplied to Customers of the Retailer pursuant to this Promotion.

The Retailer must invoice the Customer (Retailer's Invoice) in respect of the Qualifying Purchase during the Promotion Period.

The Retailer must advise the Customer to log on to Somfy's myLink Promotion Website to register the Customer's details and entitlement to be supplied a Somfy myLink pursuant to this Promotion. The customer will need to upload a copy of the Retailer's Invoice to the website so that Somfy may verify the Customer's entitlement to be supplied one Somfy myLink at no charge pursuant to this Promotion.

Somfy will accept Customer entitlement registrations at the Promotion Website up until 12:00 pm (AEST) on 22 December 2017 provided the foregoing conditions have been satisfied or until 500 units of the Somfy myLink have been supplied by Somfy pursuant to this Promotion, whichever first occurs.

A Customer who does not register their entitlement at the Somfy Website will not be eligible to receive a Somfy myLink at no charge pursuant to this Promotion, and in this regard Somfy's decision will be final.

Somfy reserves the right to reject any entitlement registration when in the reasonable opinion of Somfy the Customer or the Retailer has acted unlawfully or fraudulently in soliciting or effecting what professes to otherwise be a Qualifying Purchase, or the Customer or Retailer is defamatory of, and/or damages the goodwill or reputation of Somfy.

The Retailer acknowledges that all supplies of goods and services by Somfy pursuant to this Promotion shall be contracted subject to Somfy's publishedprivacy, credit, website and trading terms. The sale of goods and services by the Retailer to the Customer, including the Qualifying Purchase, will be subject to the Retailer's trading and other policies and terms in regard to such sale.