NEW - Irismo 45 WireFree RTS

NEW - Irismo 45 WireFree RTS

Somfy's first WireFree solution to complement our curtain range is the Irismo 45 WireFree RTS.

The motor features a removable, rechargeable battery allowing for clean and simple installation, with no need for domestic wiring.

Irismo 45 WireFree RTS is completely battery operated, lifting one of the biggest burdens for end users - wiring. With quick and clean installation, no more visible wiring, and no damage to walls, Irismo 45 WireFree RTS is the ideal solution for every project to display prestigious aesthetic details.

As a low consumption battery motor the battery life should last up to 9 months. It is compatible with RTS allowing users to enjoy their smart home by controlling curtains with Connexoon Window RTS and voice control (through IFTTT).

Key Features

  • Touch Motion feature which is perfect for every situation

  • Battery-operated, no more visible wiring

  • Low consumption, only needs to be charged once every nine months

  • Provides the level of comfort and reliability expected in luxury locations

  • Improves the image of a venue with elegance and makes the job of service personnel easier


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