Glydea Curtain Motorisation Solutions

Glydea™ is your guarantee of added value in a demanding market
  • Glydea is quiet, discreet, flexible and robust, offering personalised solutions to improve the image, usage and functionality of your customer's venues.
  • The touch motion feature allows for greater convenience; your customers are able to open and close the curtains simply by pulling on the fabric.
  • Glydea motorisation solutions extend the lifespan of the curtains, offering increased value for your customers.
  • Compatible with Somfy's range of sensors and controls, to maximize energy efficiency and create a fully automated solution.

Somfy Glydea Partners

Somfy Oceania has a partnership arrangement with the following companies for the assembly and distribution of the made to measure Glydea™ Curtain Track System. For any sales enquiries please contact your Somfy Regional Sales Manager or the Glydea Assembler convenient to you.


Living Shade +61 2 9477 6955
Curtain Hardware +61 2 9725 5277
Verosol 1800 721 404



Unique Screens +61 3 9464 4464
Total Window Concepts +61 3 9748 3411



The Kingtrack Group +61 7 5527 2922
Oslo +61 7 3200 4133 



2Tandem +61 488 200 174
Traxwest +61 8 9240 1234