Smoove Range Extension

Somfy is pleased to introduce the new Smoove Origin IB and Smoove Uno IB+ to the range of Smoove controls available from Somfy.


Smoove Origin IB


Smoove Origin IB+



The new controls are compatible with all existing Smoove frames, maintain the modern and coherent design offered from the Smoove range of controls and boast the following features:

Features and Benefits

Smoove Origin IB (ref. 1811272)
Smoove Uno IB+ (ref. 1811203)
A local conventional dry contact switch for the individual or group controlling of motorised blinds and windows Product which includes a user interface and a motor controller to control solar shadings and windows
Allows the integration of various frame designs For the individual controlling of 1 x 230 V AC motors via sensitive touch, or in groups via Somfy IB or animeo IB+ controlling technology
Available in Pure Shine (white) Available in Pure Shine (white)

Installation Advantages

Smoove Origin IB
Smoove Uno IB+
Connectors providing sufficient space to single or multiple wires Designed for standard flush-socket installation
Simple and easy clip-on mechanism for the integration of the switch into the frame Fits in standard 50 x 50 mm frames
Clear indication of connection options directly visible on the product Only one product to install as it includes the user interface and the motor controller
  Cover plate and frame can be fixed at the end of installation in order to avoid damage

Functional Advantages

Smoove Origin IB
Smoove Uno IB+
Ergonomic buttons with clear indication of usage Via touch-sensitive controls users can locally control solar shadings and overwrite automatic operation
A preferred personal intermediate position can be recalled through the "my" button Feedback of active status through LED on the device (such as security lock)
Excellent design compatibility with the Somfy Smoove Uno IB+ The product enables optimised adjustment of the shading – depending on the type of solar shading installed – to the desired position

Smoove Lifestyle PicThe touch technology to control and adjust natural light is the perfect solution for both horizontal and vertical openings, delivering your clients an unparalleled level of sophistication and elegance and complimenting their decor with the range of Somfy frames on offer.

To find out more on the Smoove range of control options for your next project, please contact your Somfy Sales Executive or the Somfy office.