Commercial range
  • There are two options to find information about Somfy Products. Both ways are useful depending on what you are looking for.


    Option 1:  Product Search Page

    This search allows you to click on any given item in the search results to display generic Somfy product information such as basic product descriptions, technical information and all related documents ( programming instructions, etc.).

    It is a more simplified and quicker way of searching for general product information. To achieve this, simply click in the Product Search field and enter a product name, part number, application or technology.

    If you require a more detailed listing of all Somfy products,  please Click here to view the Online catalogue


    Option 2: Online Catalogue Search Page

    The online catalogue provides you with a more detailed description of the range of Somfy products on offer. It allows you to drill down to the product that you are after. This can be achieved by using the filter within the Online Product Catalogue and hence retrieving refined results based on application, type of product, technology and/or range.

    If you are after a more general overview of all Somfy products,  please Click here to view Product Search



    Technical Library

    If you require further information on installation guides, flow charts and wiring diagrams.

    Click here to access Technical Library.


    If you would like to view the Selection of Motor Charts, please  Click here

    Shop Somfy is a complete online ordering system available to all customers who have a 30 day Somfy Trading Account.

    If you have already received access to Shop Somfy, you can login here.

    If you would like to apply for Shop Somfy, please contact the Somfy office on +61 2 8845 7200 or email your request here.

    Please note that data contained within our Online Product Catalogue is subject to change.