animeo IB+

An intelligent system to control 1 to 16 zones and up to 6400 motors.
Specifically designed for medium and large buildings.


Application independant

IB+Very extensive and comprehensive selection of functions and parameters, specially matched to the type of end product to be controlled such as Venetian blinds, blinds, roller shutters and windows.

The system comes with a basic configuration and the user can use the screen­based interface to program the system and define the zones.


Tracking the sun position

The sun's tracking function positions the blades on Venetian blinds according the direction of the sun's rays for the best visual comfort all day long.

IB+2     IB+3


Reduced energy costs

Optimised energy savings in combination with a variety of functions: natural air-conditioning, cooling, beating, limited tilting angle...

The system switches back to automatic at a pre-defined time.



Link to Building Management Systems (BMS) available through animeo IB+ OPC software.


Optimum balance

Advanced operating mode: enhanced room-specific user comfort by enabling non-security functions (e.g. sun) as soon as local operation has been assigned. 


Schematic diagram