animeo KNX

Adaptable Façade Management System compatible with KNX standards. No zone limitation

Wind direction measurement

On the façade that is affected by wind speed, depending on the wind direction,
the blinds will move up to the security position. All other façade parts remain
shaded. In case of storm the blinds of all façades move up.

Daylight management

animeo KNX guarantees optimum lighting management, glare protection,
and better viewing comfort. This saves energy spent on artificial lighting
and improves the lighting conditions in the room.

Energy savings through

    -  Solar gains from the sun in winter with absence of the user
    -  Diminished slat-turn angles and reduced cooling requirements in summer.
    -  Intelligent wind protection only controlled from the wind affected façades. With all other façade zones, the blinds remain in the sun protection position and thus reduce the load for cooling.

 Functions spanning across different trades

Other applications like lighting, heating, cooling, can be integrated.

High user comfort

 All blinds can be operated locally. The user is able to counter-control the automatic function.

More functions

    -   Individual sun protection controlling per façade and thus, improved working conditions in every room.
    -   Sensors are multi useable.
    -   All types of blinds and façade elements can be controlled.


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