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Curtains are the most prevalent solution for dressing and covering windows. An infinite variety of curtains are available according to various needs, which are most commonly shading (thick curtains, dark / black out) and ensuring privacy (sheer materials). Very often, two types of curtains are overlaid in order to obtain both results.

Prior to motorising, these points must be established:

  • Is the opening central or on the side?
  • Are the tracks straight or curved?
  • Is it a pleated or ripple curtain?
  • Is the motor on the right or on the left?

Combined with a straight or angled curtain track, Somfy motors will allow users to automate any type of curtain up to 60 kg.

Somfy solutions:

Wired motors

Glydea™ 35

Quiet motor for 35kg and 10m curtains. "Manual release" feature prevents tearing.

Control options: wired, IR or RTS (with RTS card).


Glydea™ 60e

Quiet motor for 60kg and 10m curtains. "Manual Release" feature prevents tearing.  "Touch Motion feature" starts the motor by pulling on the curtain. 

Control options: wired, IR or RTS (with RTS card).

End limits can be set.