Drop Arm Awnings


Single drop arm awnings

Single drop arm awnings are mainly used to prevent glare. As they are quite fragile, they should not be installed onto buildings on main streets in order to avoid deterioration.

picto_MT_projection_screen2Double drop arm awnings

Double drop arm awnings combine the features of both vertical blinds and drop arm awnings. In case of direct sunlight, the vertical part of the awning lowers to the suitable level and the inferior part rises, giving the occupants an outdoor view.


Dutch canopies

Dutch canopies act as awnings and blend-into older building facades particularly well. They are usually kept in the same position throughout the day as they give a certain look to the facade.


To avoid any damage due to strong winds, drop arm awnings should be motorised and connected to wind sensors. Sun sensors are also recommended in order to fully benefit from the shading device features.

Somfy motors can be installed for every type of drop arm awning.


Somfy solutions:

Wired motors

LT 50 / 60

Versatile wired motor fit for most applications. Several power levels and speeds available including a special fast-paced motors line for outer roller blinds.


RTS motors

Altus 40 / 50  RTS

Versatile radio motor allowing user to control any type of blind or roller shutter. Several levels of power and sizes are available according to each application: Altus 40, 50. Available in various speeds and a special fast-paced motors line for outer roller blinds.