Somfy provides motors for all the major applications used in commercial buildings today.

Drop Arm Awnings

Horizontal Blinds

Exterior Venetian Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Tilting Louvres

Exterior Shading Devices

Placed adjacent the openings, motorised exterior shading devices stop and reflect the sunlight before it reaches the glazing, directly contributing to the Dynamic Insulation™ of the facade along with managing natural light.

As they are seen from the outside, motorised exterior shading devices play a part in the overall look of the building.

Combined with weather sensors (wind, rain, sun), their life is extended and maintenance becomes easier.


    Montesquieu Bordeaux (10)_700 1  2  La Maladiere (7)

    Il Sole Ore 3  4 kost Office Building - Tübingen (Germany), Architect - Martin Gemmeke


1- Montesquieu parc Residence, Bordeaux. Architect: RVL architecture.
2- La Maladiere School, Switzerland
3- Il Sole Ore, Milano. Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshops.
4- kost Office Building - Tübingen (Germany). Architect: Martin Gemmeke.