Exterior Venetian Blinds


Exterior Venetian blinds add a touch of modern design to contemporary building facades. It improves visual and thermal comfort, reducing heat entering in the room.
Most often in aluminium, the slats can be flat or rounded, wide or narrow (from 50 mm to 120 mm) and come in a variety of colours from matt to iridescent.

The position of the slats allows the user to diffuse the natural light, modulate it or protect the occupants from glare. It is an easy process using the central thumbwheel on Telis Mod/Var remote controls, once the Mod/Var radio plate is connected to the motor.

Somfy Solutions :  The J4 range

Short motor especially designed for External Venetian Blinds, RTS Compatible with Mod/Var Slim receiver RTS. Fast integration.


Wired motors and RTS motors



The electronic solution of motorisation for external venetian blind in new buildings and renovation projects. Adjustable end limits thanks to an electronic setting tool or a Telis Mod/Var remote control.


* Somfy CBS compatibility under particular conditions