Centralised controls of shading devices are processed through the Somfy bus lines or open protocols.

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Facade Management Systems

animeo is a range of intelligent controls to manage solar shading devices within Commercial Buildings, designed to adapt to any façade configuration. By optimizing the management of air, sun and shade in buildings, animeo solutions actively enhance occupants' well-being while improving the building's energy performance:

• Heating and air conditioning costs are reduced.

• The occupants' visual and thermal comfort is optimised.

• Increased longevity of the sun protection devices.

animeo range compatible with all sunshading devices

Produits porteurs

System Architecture

System architecture

Types of Bus

  • Somfy BuS interfaces are proprietary. Somfy offers turnkey (software and hardware) and cost-efficient solutions designed for shading devices
  • KNX and LonMark bus technologies are standard open protocols found on the market.


Somfy Services

Somfy Oceania has a commercial team to apply their expertise and know-how to offer a personalised assessment of your project (feasibility study, figures…), draw schematic diagrams and provide installation assistance.