Horizontal Blinds

picto_MT_horizontal_blindHorizontal blinds are most used in larger space areas such as atriums, shopping centres/arcades, airports and train stations, wherever it is important to allow a maximum of natural light to enter in order to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Due to its larger size, it is important that the fabric attached to the straps on the load bar always remain taut.  It is therefore required to install a motor at each extremity of the blind where one will ensure continuous tension on the fabric.

This system can very well be installed on larger size vertical blinds also.


Somfy solutions:

Wired motors

FTS (Fabric Tension System)

Complete system including 2 motors and a control unit designed to extend the fabric between 2 tubes, keeping it tight while in motion or stopped. The installation can be mounted vertically or horizontally and covers an area of up to 50 m². Available in two power levels: FTS 50 and 60.