Somfy Motorisation and Home Automation Solutions Guide
Motorisation and home automation solutions for interior and exterior window coverings, awnings and pergolas



Smoove Brochure 

This brochure displays Smoove - wall control unit.  
Download the Brochure (file size 6.4MB)

Sonesse Brochure 

This brochure introduces Sonesse - the range of quiet motors, designed for acoutic comfort, designed for success.  
Download the Brochure (file size 1.4MB)

WireFree Brochure 

This brochure introduces Wirefree - 100% wireless motorisation for interior window coverings. 


ThermoSunis Sunis Brochure 

This brochure presents the ThermoSunis and Sunis Indoor Wirefree RTS - a new concept combining greater comfort with energy savings. 
Download the Brochure (file size 2.3MB)

Telis 6 Chronis RTS Brochure 

This brochure presents the Telis 6 Chronis RTS - centralised control with timed programming. 
Download the Brochure (file size 381KB)

Telis 16 RTS Brochure 

This brochure presents the Telis 16 RTS  - centralised control made simple. 
Download the Brochure (file size 581KB)

J4 Range Brochure 

This brochure introduces J4 - motorisation for exterior venetian blinds . 

Download the Brochure (file size 4.2MB)



This brochure showcases the Somfy Remote Collection. 

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