Radio Technology Somfy®


Radio technology allows for scheduling the installation of equipment in time: it is easily adapted to changes in interior design as modifying a unit location or adding new ones is hassle-free and without any damage to walls.

The time that is saved in installing wireless control units brings the low-cost aspect of radio technology forward: price of wireless controls closely matches up to that of installed wired units. 

With more than 4 000 000 systems integrated with RTS worldwide, Radio Technology Somfy® is now the leader in its class when it comes to secure radio controls.  It is easy-to-use and guarantees complete compatibility between the motors and RTS controls.

  1. With a transmission range of 200m in free space or 20m through two concrete walls, RTS guarantees efficient controls from every room.
  2. RTS is secure: its unbreakable hopping code of 16 million combinations make the RTS remote control entirely secure.
  3. RTS's narrow bandwidth prevents the transmissions from being jeopardised by telephones, television sets, Wifi, Bluetooth…