Roller Shutter – Features

Roller shutters for new buildings or renovation projects

  1. picto_MT_roller_shutter_1Renovation roller shutters are held inside an aluminium block housing. The curtain, made of PVC or aluminium, is wound into the housing that is mounted on the wall, window frame or facade. It is therefore always unconcealed and often occupies a part of the window area.  Most used for renovation projects, they can just as well be installed in new buildings.
  2. picto_MT_roller_shutter_integratedCombined window shutter groups shutters and window in a single block. It allows saving installation time and requires less professional help on-site. It is therefore especially adapted to fit residential or office buildings.


picto_MT_roller_shutter3Roller shutters for new buildings

  1. Traditional roller shutters are integrated into wooden housings and directly installed in the masonry. Completely concealed, they maintain the aesthetics of the facade.  The housing and guide rails are installed separately.
  2. picto_MT_roller_shutter2The tunnel housing roller shutter also guarantees good performance in terms of insulation: mounted within the masonry, above the window, it is concealed and insulated from the start. Motorising this type of shutter after its initial installation is quite difficult as it is not easily accessible. 


Somfy solutions:

Wired motors

LT 50 / 60

Versatile wired motor fit for most applications. Several power levels and speeds available including a special fast-paced motors line for outer roller blinds (32tr/min).



Motor with a manual override to control exterior blinds or roller shutters in case of power failure:  for greater peace-of-mind.


RTS motors

Oximo WireFree™ RTS

Wireless self-powered motor for all types of roller shutters. Particularly fir for roof windows. Battery feed through photovoltaic panels. Available in several speeds and power levels.


Altus 40 / 50 / 60 RTS

Versatile radio motor allowing user to control any type of blind or roller shutter. Several levels of power and sizes are available according to each application: Altus 40, 50, 60. Available in various speeds and a special fast-paced motors line for outer roller blinds (32tr/min).


Oximo RTS

Radio Universal motor for all types of roller shutters. Available in short or standard models depending on the width of the shutter and integration constraints.  Continuous protection of shutters: « Stop » in case there is an obstacle while lowering, in case equipment is frozen or final slat is blocked.