Vertical Blinds

picto_MT_ext_roller_blindThere are three types of vertical blinds:

  1. vertical screens that can be hidden so that they fit-in discretely with the facade. 
  2. vertical screens with box that provide optimum protection for the canvas by means of their housing.
  3. wind-resistant screens where the canvas remains perfectly taut even when it is windy. A mechanical protection against winds is often integrated, a lock at the bottom of each lateral guide rail guarantees a perfect alignment of the load bars. 

Somfy motors adapt to any type of blind and fit the requirements for speed to guarantee the occupants' visual comfort. 


Somfy solutions:

Wired motors

LT 50

A solution specially designed for outdoor vertical blinds: offers the "tension by lock" feature.


LT 50 / 60

Versatile wired motor fit for most applications. Several power levels and speeds available including a special fast-paced motors lin for outer roller blinds.


RTS motors

Altea RTS

Fast-paced radio motor specially designed for outdoor vertical blinds that are wind-resistant and equipped with end-stops. Altea guarantees a tension on the awning fabric, ensuring an esthetic finish to your façade. Several levels of power and speed are available.


Altus 40 / 50  RTS

Versatile radio motor allowing user to control any type of blind or roller shutter. Several levels of power and sizes are available according to each application: Altus 40, 50. Available in various speeds and a special fast-paced motors line for outer roller blinds.


Digital motors


With Somfy ILT2 motor, control and monitor networked screens and blinds to ensure users comfort and energy savings. 3 different control technologies available: Low voltage, Infrared & Digital bus for compatibility with third party control systems and more advanced features.